About Us

A Note from our CEO







Crystal's Ladybug Creations, LLC was created to remind you of your self-worth and empower you to always SHINE! As the owner - a black woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend - I'm committed to helping other women resist the experiences and societal feedback meant to dim our light. I believe positivity and self expression about the things that matter most to us (family, health, community involvement, financial independence to name a few) help us to feel whole and live our BEST LIFE. Through our products, I hope you feel encouraged to reach for the stars with conscious hope and positivity.

 -Crystal C. 


Our Why

It is human nature to become caught up in the daily routines of life and forget the simple things, until an event disrupts this reoccurring theme. During the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, Crystal watched her dad suffer from the long-term effects of diabetes, a disease with ultimately brought his life to an end in January 2020.  This experience taught her countless lessons (including ones that she is still uncovering) like the importance of self care and a positive mindset. To honor the legacy and memory of her father, Crystal founded this company to bring heightened awareness to diabetes mellitus, a metabolic disease that affects over 34.2 million Americans (that's 10.5% of the U.S. population). Diabetes is also one of the pre-existing conditions that disproportionately affects lower income black and brown communities, which are communities that Crystal cares deeply about.

Our Promise

To honor our founding commitments, Crystal's Ladybug Creations will donate a portion of the proceeds from our Diabetes Awareness Collection sales to the American Diabetes Association, to assist with research, community education, and awareness building on how to prevent and manage this disease.